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Is Lunch a Good Idea for a First Date? Let’s Find Out!




Is Lunch a Good Idea for a First Date?

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We’ve all heard stories of people having incredible first dates. Some couples choose to jet off to a romantic destination, while others opt for an intimate dinner at an upscale restaurant. But is lunch the optimal choice for a first date? It may seem like an unlikely option at first glance, but if you take the time to consider it from all angles, there is actually great potential in creating a memorable and meaningful experience over lunch. In this article, I will share why lunch can be a great first-date option. 

1. It is Relaxed and Comfortable:

Going out to lunch is much less formal than dinner, so it can be less intimidating for both parties. There is also more time to relax and get acquainted without feeling over-scheduled or rushed to mingle with each other in a shorter amount of time. You can also consider spending some quality time outdoors together in the early afternoon hours. Compare this to dinner, which is often rushed and filled with stress over deciding the menu. 

2. It is Unconventional:

Taking your date out for lunch is a unique and unexpected choice that is sure to make a great impression. It is also the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity in planning an exciting yet relaxed outing. 

3. You Can Get to Know Each Other: 

Lunch is a great way to break the ice and start getting to know each other gradually. During a lunch date, you can take your time chatting about everything from hobbies to dreams without feeling pressured by time constraints. Plus, if the conversation is lacking or awkward pauses arise, there is plenty of food and drinks to keep the interaction going!

4. You Can Experiment with Different Options: 

Lunch is also a great time to try something new and adventurous without feeling overwhelmed by the menu offerings at dinner time. Take advantage of all the unique dishes available on a lunchtime menu and order items that you would not normally select during dinner hours. 

5. Perfect Lighting: 

If you want some privacy or just feel more comfortable being able to see each other’s faces without the influence of nightfall, lunch is the perfect time for your date as restaurants tend to have plenty of natural lighting during this time. 

6. You Can Take a Walk: 

After eating lunch together, you can decide to enjoy a nice stroll around town or along the beach if it is located nearby. This is a great chance for further interaction and bonding while taking in the fresh air outside. 

7. It is Easier to Change Plans: 

If the conversation is not going as planned or you are both feeling bored, it is easier to switch up the plans and do something else afterward. You can always go for a drive or visit some nearby attractions that interest both of you.

What to Consider Before Planning a Lunch Date

Before you commit to a lunch date, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, is your partner the type of person who prefers an active afternoon or is he/she more comfortable with a relaxed, quiet atmosphere? Does your partner enjoy trying new foods and restaurants or is he/she more likely to stick to familiar dishes? Consider these factors when deciding where and how long your first date should be for maximum enjoyment. 

How to Make the Most Out of Your Lunch Date

Whether you are meeting for the first time or looking to reignite a connection, there is always room to make your lunch date even more memorable. Here are some tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect first lunch: 

– Choose an interesting place: You can either opt for a traditional restaurant or switch it up with something unique like a food truck or cafe in an outdoor setting. 

– Don’t forget the small touches: Take extra care with selecting drinks and desserts that will surprise your date and show that you paid attention to his/her tastes. 

– Get creative with post-date activities: Whether you decide to go for a walk or catch a movie, make sure that your post-lunch activity is something that is fun and enjoyable for both of you. 

Tips for Making a Good Impression on Your Lunch Date

From my experience, a little bit of preparation is key to a good first impression. So, here are some tips that will help you make your lunch date even more special: 

– Be on time: Nothing is worse than being late for your first date and making a bad impression. Make sure you plan ahead so you can arrive at the restaurant on time and with plenty of energy. 

– Dress appropriately: Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion but also shows off your personality. For example, if the restaurant is casual, opt for something semi-casual like jeans and a nice top or dressy shorts and a blouse. 

– Talk about yourself: Don’t forget to take the spotlight by talking about yourself and the things that you are passionate about. This is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other. 

– Be polite: Make sure that you treat your date with respect throughout the entire lunch. Show your manners by ordering food politely, speaking in an appropriate tone of voice, and being aware of your body language. 

– Put away distractions: Nothing is more annoying than someone who is constantly checking their phone or taking calls during a conversation. Make sure you keep all distractions away so you can focus on enjoying each other’s company. 


What should I order for lunch on a first date?

When ordering lunch on a first date, it’s important to keep things light and casual. Stick with dishes that are easy to eat and won’t take too long to prepare or consume – think salads, sandwiches, burgers, etc. Avoid anything too messy or complicated that could make conversation difficult or cause an embarrassing mess!

What kind of conversation should I have over lunch?

The best conversations during lunch dates are those that focus on getting to know each other better as people. Ask questions about their interests, hobbies, family life, work life – anything that will help you learn more about them as an individual. Avoid topics that could be controversial or lead to arguments – save those for later dates!

How do I handle paying for lunch?

It’s traditional for the person who asked out the other person to pay for the meal (unless both parties agree otherwise). If your date offers to split the bill or pay their own way, politely decline and thank them for their offer but insist on taking care of it yourself.

What should I wear for a lunch date?

Smart casual attire is usually best when going out for lunch on a first date – something comfortable yet stylish that shows you put some effort into your appearance without being overly dressy or overdone.

Is it better to have lunch or dinner on a first date?

Honestly, it really depends on your personal preference and the situation. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, lunch may be more comfortable since it’s less formal than dinner. However, if you already know each other well then either one is fine.

What should I consider when selecting a restaurant for my lunch date? 

Firstly, make sure that the restaurant caters to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences and is located close by so that you don’t spend too much time traveling there. Secondly, try to arrive five minutes early so that you can greet each other properly before being seated together over food and drink. Finally, think of topics to discuss before you arrive so that neither party is left searching for words during your mealtime conversations. 

Are there any drawbacks to having a lunch date? 

Yes, it is important to bear in mind that this is likely going to be a shorter commitment than other types of dates such as dinners or movie nights. Additionally, if the lunch is particularly busy or noisy it could make for an awkward atmosphere which is why selecting a suitable restaurant is so important. 

What is the best way to keep the conversation going on a lunch date? 

Ask questions that reveal more about who your date is as an individual and try to focus on getting to know more about their values, goals, and ambitions rather than talking too much about yourself. Additionally, you can always bring up interesting topics that are related to current events or hobbies that both you and your date share. This is a great way to get a lively conversation going! 


So, is lunch a good first date? Absolutely! It is the perfect balance between relaxed and intimate; it is cost-effective, convenient, and stress-free. Lunch dates leave plenty of room to get to know each other without any awkwardness or distractions. When planned carefully and with consideration for both parties’ dietary needs and comfort levels, a lunch date can be the ideal way to spark a meaningful connection and create a memorable experience that could potentially lead to an enduring relationship. 

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